Charitable Programs

We believe all animals deserve a healthy and happy life with loving owners. Our charity programs have grown from this belief. We depend on donations from animal lovers like you to help homeless, sick and abused animals through these efforts:

  • The Shelter Support Fund is our primary means of support for the medical care, rehabilitation and re-homing of our shelter animals. Funded almost entirely by donations from community members, our critical needs shelter rescues cats and dogs in need who would not be given a second chance in many other shelters.
  • The Berrigan Fund is named in memory of the well-loved dog of the generous donor who established it. The Berrigan Fund pays for the medical treatment of pets whose guardians cannot fully afford their care.
  • The Darryl Tsujimoto Fund. Since 1962, the loyal police dogs of the SFPD Canine Corp have put their lives on the line to protect their human partners. Upon retirement, these incredible dogs are oftentimes left without health and medical care, which is why the Tsujimoto Fund was established in 2007. This endowed fund was named in honor of Officer Darryl Tsujimoto, head of the Canine Corp who passed away unexpectedly on duty in 2006. He was a tireless advocate for the Corp and its improvement, and your support helps us continue Officer Tsujimoto’s great work.
  • Our Community Medical Care programs make Pets Unlimited a unique umbrella organization in support of a variety of Bay Area animal welfare groups. Pets Unlimited donates vital medical services to Bay Area rescue organizations to care for sick and injured animals who would otherwise be euthanized. Additionally, Pets Unlimited donates veterinary care throughout the community in our partnership with organizations such as PAWS, Vet SOS, SF Animal Care and Control and Guide Dogs for the Blind.

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