Behavior Consultation Program: Topics and What to Expect

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Cat Behavior Topics Addressed

Kitten Wellness
New Cat Wellness
Inappropriate Elimination
Excessive Vocalization
Inappropriate Scratching
Play and Petting Aggression
Shyness and Fears/Phobias
Aggression to People (case by case basis)
Aggression to Animals in Household
Introducing A New Cat to Your Cat
Introducing A New Cat to Your Dog

Dog Behavior Topics Addressed

Puppy Wellness
New Dog Wellness
Problem Barking
Problem Chewing/Destructiveness
Shyness and Fears/Phobias
Aggression Around Food, Toys or People
Aggression to People (case by case basis)
Separation Anxiety
Introducing A New Dog to Your Cat

What To Expect

If we feel you will be better served by at-home sessions with a hands-on trainer, we will provide you and your pet trusted referrals to top trainers in the Bay Area who can help once your intake questionnaire has been reviewed by our consultants. Please note that at this time we cannot assist clients with issues involving off-leash dog-dog aggression but will refer out to appropriate trainers and resources.  Some cases of aggression to people may also be referred out to qualified, hands-on trainers.

For some presenting behavioral problems, we will require a physical exam with a veterinarian to rule out an underlying medical cause before treating the animal behaviorally. Examples of these cases include but are not limited to senior animals with sudden behavior changes, inappropriate elimination, overgrooming, etc.

Contact Us Today!

Are you interested in learning more about our Behavior Consultation Program? Would you like to speak with one of our behavior consultants? Please call our Behavior Hotline or send us an email today!

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