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Foster Program

Our Foster Program provides temporary, loving homes to cats and dogs that are not quite ready to be admitted to our Adoption Center.  Many of these animals need the extra TLC that can only come from a nurturing home environment – some are unusually young, sick or injured while others may have behavioral challenges that require more supervision and personalized care than our Adoption Center can provide.

Points to Consider

Anyone can become a successful foster parent with a little education, flexibility, and commitment. There are, however, some important points to consider before signing up for a Foster Care Orientation:

  • Fosters can last for as little as 2 weeks or as long as 6-8 weeks depending on the case.
  • Foster animals must be kept separate from any resident animals.
  • Foster parents will need to commit to spending a designated amount of time with their foster animal, depending on their needs.
  • Foster parents must be able to bring their animals in to our Veterinary Center for regular check-ups and urgent care.
  • Foster parents must agree to return their foster animals to the shelter at the end of the foster period.

If you would like more information about how to become a foster parent, please email our Foster Care Coordinator or call us directly at (415) 568-3065.

Have you found kittens?

Kitten Season

Though abandoned kittens can be found at any time of year, “Kitten Season” tends to last from early spring until late summer. During this period, many litters are born to feral cats, and shelters experience a huge influx in extremely young, abandoned kittens.

Feral Kittens

If you find kittens that appear to be abandoned or sickly, they may need your help immediately. Kittens with their eyes closed, for example, are usually under four weeks old and have extremely fragile immune systems. For this reason, we recommend contacting Animal Care and Control immediately so the health and age of the kittens can be professionally assessed.

If you are in San Francisco, please bring the kittens to San Francisco Animal Care and Control as soon as possible. After business hours, you can reach them at (415) 554-6364 to arrange a pick-up with an Animal Care and Control officer.

If your kittens require immediate medical attention, please bring them to our 24-hour Veterinary Center for an evaluation. Please be aware that although we do offer charitable veterinary care for clients who qualify, any kittens brought to Pets Unlimited are considered under your guardianship and will be your financial responsibility.

Adoption Center

Wed            12pm – 8pm
Thu - Sun    11am – 6pm

Mon - Tues   CLOSED

(415) 568-3058 adopt@petsunlimited.org

Veterinary Center

Open 24 Hours
Every Day
Main: (415) 563-6700
Fax: (415) 775-2573
Pharmacy: (415) 568-3016

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