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Adoption Info


Maddie’s Fund® is sponsoring the adoptions of senior and medically treatable shelter dogs and cats in Alameda, Contra Costa and San Francisco Counties through an innovative programthe Maddie’s® Treatable Assistance Program. As an adopter of one of our eligible animals, your adoption fee will be waived and you can use those funds for… treats, beds, toys, kibble, training or anything else your heart desires!

Visit our virtual Adoption Center and browse through our available cats and dogs – eligible animals will have a bolded note about the program at the bottom of their individual pages.

Adoption Process

Interested in adopting a shelter animal? Please take a moment to read the following information regarding our adoption processes so you can know what to expect in the days ahead.

All interested candidates should complete an Adoption Application as well as a brief interview with one of our Adoption Counselors before spending time with our adoptable animals.  Please expect to spend at least one hour with our dogs or cats before taking your new best friend home! Additionally, we require proof that a pet will be legally permitted in the home (a copy of a rental agreement for tenants or a mortgage statement from a homeowner is acceptable). If everything seems to match up well, signing necessary forms and paying adoption fees will complete the process.

Although this may seem like a long procedure to adopt a pet, we try to take every step possible to ensure both our furry friends and our clients will be happy. Our Adoption Center staff treats each animal as family and knows the individual pet personalities well. We are always happy to offer suggestions or advice when someone is trying to decide which dog or cat would be best for their individual situation.

Adopt A Cat

Adopt A CatEvery cat or kitten adopted will be spayed/neutered, micro-chipped, and given a standard FVRCP vaccination before going home. As necessary, each animal is also treated for parasites including ear mites, fleas and a variety of internal worms and parasites.  Finally, every adopted cat or kitten is entitled to a free check-up in our Veterinary Center within the first 30 days of being at home.

Cat Adoption Fees
$125 for kittens up to 1 year old
$75 for adult cats over 1 year old

Adopt A Dog

Adopt A DogEvery dog or puppy adopted will be spayed/neutered, micro-chipped, and given standard vaccines and parasite treatments before going home. Additionally, every adopted dog or puppy is entitled to a free check-up in our Veterinary Center within the first 30 days of being at home.

Dog Adoption Fees
$200 for puppies up to 1 year old
$175 for dogs up to 7 years old
$75 for dogs over 7 years old

Adopting Special Needs Animals

Adopt A Special Needs AnimalPets Unlimited believes that all animals deserve a second chance to find a happy, healthy forever home. We frequently take in animals with special needs – at any time, we may have a three-legged dog, a blind cat, an FIV+ kitten or a puppy suffering from an ailment that would usually deem him “unadoptable”. We recognize that these animals will require extra care in their new homes, and encourage any foster or adoptive families to ask our staff directly about the care required for any animal with special needs.

Adoption Center

Wed            12pm – 8pm
Thu - Sun    11am – 6pm

Mon - Tues   CLOSED

(415) 568-3058 adopt@petsunlimited.org

Veterinary Center

Open 24 Hours
Every Day
Main: (415) 563-6700
Fax: (415) 775-2573
Pharmacy: (415) 568-3016

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