Shelter & Adoption Center

Adoption Center Closure

Our Adoption Center will be temporarily closed from Friday, April 18, through Saturday, May 10, while we renovate the space. The Adoption Center was last renovated 15 years ago.  Since that time, thousands of animals have lived in the shelter before going on to their forever homes and our space has suffered significant wear and tear.  We will be repairing leaking windows, patching damaged walls, improving lighting so that our shelter animals are more visible and adding environmentally-friendly (and pet-friendly!) paint to brighten the space.  These improvements will make the Adoption Center a safer, cleaner and more appealing space for our shelter animals and potential adopters – leading to happier, healthier animals and, ultimately, more adoptions!

We encourage you to visit our shelter dogs and cats at our Mission campus until the Pacific Heights campus reopens.

Visit our Shelter Animals

The Adoption Center is located on the upper level of the Pets Unlimited Veterinary Center on the southwest corner of Fillmore and Washington Street in San Francisco’s Pacific Heights district. Visitors are also encouraged to visit our Meet The Pets page to learn more about the cats and dogs currently available for adoption.

When our Adoption Center reopens in mid-May, visitors are welcome during the following hours:

Wednesday: 12:00 – 8:00pm (Open Late!)
Thursday – Sunday: 11:00am – 6:00pm
Monday & Tuesday: CLOSED

About Our Adoption Center

Pets Unlimited finds and rescues as many injured and neglected pets as possible, providing them quality medical treatment and finding them loving homes no matter how long it takes.

Every year, thousands of cats and dogs end up in local shelters across the Bay Area.  Sadly, if these pets aren’t claimed or adopted quickly, their futures become uncertain. Some animals are euthanized because of illness or injury. Others are lost because their owners can’t afford medical care when needed. Even more pets are simply unlucky – the perfect family ready to welcome a new pet into their lives didn’t pick that week to come into the shelter.

That’s where Pets Unlimited comes in. We make weekly rescue trips to shelters in the Bay Area and surrounding counties to save these pets from a hopeless future. Many of our animals are adopted into loving families mere days or weeks after being admitted to our shelter. Others take months – and some of our dog and cat residents have been with us more than a year before finding a permanent home.

Take a look at the cats and dogs in our Adoption Center, and find out how you can become a foster parent or adoptive family.

Shelter Statistics

We are proud to report our Shelter Statistics for 2012, reported in accordance with the Asilomar Accords and made possible by a grant from Maddie’s Fund.

Previous years:
Shelter Statistics for 2011
Shelter Statistics for 2010
Shelter Statistics for 2009
Shelter Statistics for 2008
Shelter Statistics for 2007

In the closing months of 2004, some of the most influential leaders in the animal welfare movement came together to create and promote, as a national standard, a document based on collaboration, mutual respect, uniform definitions, data collection and transparency.  For more information, please visit the Asilomar Accords page on the Maddie’s Fund website.