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We understand that you want to provide the best care possible for your puppy or dog, and want to help answer any questions you may have regarding their health and happiness. In this section, you will find many different dog-specific topics that will allow you to learn more about specific conditions, behaviors, breeds and more.

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Allergies in Dogs

The term “allergy” is a general reference to an overreaction by the immune system to an allergen, which is any substance that is capable of inducing that specific hypersensitivity reaction in that particular animal. For example, if a person is allergic to chocolate, chocolate is the allergen. The allergen can be almost anything, but it commonly is an ingredient in the dog’s food, a grass, weed or other plant in the environment, flea saliva or dust mites, a chemical cleaner or other household product, or any number of other things…Read More

Dog Ear Infections

Hearing is one of the keenest senses in dogs, together with smell. Most dogs rely upon hearing and scent,much more than they do upon eyesight, to navigate their way through the world. The canine ear is made up of the external or outer ear, the middle ear and the internal or inner ear. Each of these distinct anatomical parts can become inflamed, irritated and/or infected, causing distinct symptoms in the affected dog that are referred to as otitis externa, otitis media or otitis interna, respectively…Read More

How to Make a Pet First Aid Kit

The materials inside a pet first aid kit can be used to treat minor emergencies and to assist you and your pet in case a major emergency occurs. As you build your pet first aid kit, familiarize yourself with materials and methods that may be needed to help your pet in an emergency…Read More

Dog Arthritis

Arthritis is defined simply as the inflammation of a joint. In dogs, this term tends to refer to osteoarthritis (“OA,” also called degenerative joint disease, or “DJD”). Osteoarthritis is a syndrome characterized by bone remodeling, low-grade inflammation and degenerative, progressive and permanent deterioration of the articular cartilage of joints. Some dogs develop osteoarthritis as a primary condition, with no apparent cause. This is uncommon. Most cases of OA are secondary to some other initiating cause or condition…Read More

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