Lady Gaga

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Do you remember Lady Gaga, our lovable spotty pup? I mean, how could you forget those ears?

Well, we’re pleased as punch that Gaga’s new mom, Sarah, sent us an update on her new life. Not only did she get a new big brother and lots of exciting adventures, she even got a new name – Maisy!

“We just wanted to send you a quick update and let you know that Maisy is doing GREAT! Turns out she is a bit more of a puppy than she let on at the shelter (as she’s gotten more comfortable, she’s also gotten more mischievous), but we love her to pieces.

She’s been coming with Seymour and me to Pt. Isabel, a great off-leash park, and she LOVES to chase big dogs. And you wouldn’t think it just by seeing her walk, but she can really move when she gets running.

The best news, however, is that she and Seymour are totally in love. The biggest issue we’ve had with the two of them is getting them to STOP playing when it’s time to go to sleep. Everyday after dinner they romp around the house and on their big dog bed and will pretty much play for a good hour or so. Maisy loves sleeping right next to Sey, and often they will fall asleep together on one bed and wake up together in the morning on another (I think he gets up and moves and she follows him).

Their behavior in the video I’ve linked below was totally not staged – the two of them were wrestling a little bit on the couch, and then just settled down together like two little lovebirds (also something semi-parental about the way Sey is with her).”

Got a minute and want to watch some seriously cute puppy love?

Watch their adorable video on Youtube NOW!