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Marlo, formerly known as Martha, has taken to her life post-Pets Unlimited with a great deal of enthusiasm. Where before she seemed like a grouch who couldn’t be bothered with the idea of exercise, she now bounds across my apartment chasing after crinkly felt balls and rolled up pieces of paper. Sometimes when I’m not doing my part, she’ll come bounding at me sideways to let me know she still wants to play. She will often jump up to snatch one of the balls out of the air when I toss it to her, then bat at it and chase it around until it disappears beneath some piece of furniture. While she hasn’t quite mastered the art of bringing the balls or rolled up pieces of paper back to me, she has taught me to retrieve them for her.

In addition to exercise, she’s discovered the joy of sun worshipping and can often be found either on my bed by the window or at her elevated cat bed by another window, soaking in the rays. She’s also proficient at offering her assistance while I’m working on my computer, either crawling up on the top of the back of my desk chair and waiting for me to feed her or staring at me over the top of my laptop.

She’s still feisty but not nearly as grouchy, though she still has her moments. But she livens up the place and makes me laugh with her antics and is a joy to have around.

Scott Brown

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