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We adopted a very cute dog whose name at Pets Unlimited was “Bug” – but answered to “Sweetie” when we went to meet her. Sweetie it is! She’s the most wonderful little dog who loves to roll in the grass, snuggle on the sofa with me – or my husband, and sleep peacefully in her little pink bed. Because we’ve been having some remodeling done at our condo, Sweetie spends most of the day with my dogwalker, her husband and 3 dogs who are also very cute. Sweetie fit in perfectly and is eager to play with her doggie buddies every morning.

Sweetie is the second dog we adopted from Pets Unlimited. Our first dog, Gemma, was 10 years old when we adopted her and she lived until the ripe old age of 17. Thank you, Pets Unlimited for connecting us with such wonderful dogs!


Dr. Peg Jackson
Dr. Paul Jackson

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