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Corky “Monsieur” (1996-2012)

We recently received a moving update on rescue pup and longtime client of Pets Unlimited, “Corky”. After touching and changing so many lives for the better, we couldn’t imagine a better fairytail ending for this beloved dog:

Corky was never a” family dog”- he was a little brother, a son, a best friend, a wise old man and a compassionate soul. He was also a Virgo who helped everyone enjoy the simple things in life like the feeling of grass on bare feet, the smell of flowers in the spring, and watching the sun set on an evening stroll. Corky came into the world on the rough streets of San Francisco; he was an orphan who longed for a home. Luckily, someone at Animal Care and Control picked him up and gave him a second chance at life and hope. He was 4 months old when he made an immediate connection with a little girl who could not bear to leave without him. When the trained pedigree corgi that her dad and sister were going to adopt was found to be already adopted, she convinced them that this hyper, scrawny and nervous puppy with floppy, uneven ears was perfect. And he was.

Corky immediately stepped in and helped his family through death, cancer, cardiac arrest, high school and many other traumatic experiences. To imagine surviving all of that without him would be impossible; I know I would not have. Corky loved music (all genres, but especially Reggae and Bob Dylan) and appreciated live music shows, sitting eagerly in the audience at countless appearances at the West Portal Music Store and wherever else they happened to be. He was an enthusiastic walker and any long walk was fine with him, whether it was a stroll in the neighborhood or a trip to Lake Merced, Fort Funston or Mount Davidson. He especially loved playing with his friends at Alta Plaza Park. The culinary arts were also a favorite, and he enjoyed his home-cooked broccoli, egg and rice dish daily. Although he was looking forward to reaching sweet sixteen in his physical state, he will no doubt be dancing and celebrating it in his spiritual form. His existence will continue to be celebrated in all dimensions. Corky will be forever in our hearts and will never be forgotten.

To the beloved Hungarian Corkahsh, the only one in the world: Corky, may you play in paradise and keep visiting me in my dreams.


(Corky leaves behind John, Suzanne, Hilary and Jenny of San Francisco)

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