Express Checkout

What is Express Checkout?

Clients who sign up for our Express Checkout program won’t have to wait for an available cashier. Instead, they can quickly leave the Veterinary Hospital after a visit with our veterinarians or after picking up a hospitalized pet without stopping at the customer service desk for payment.

How does Express Checkout work?

Upon arriving at Pets Unlimited, you can let the Front Desk know that you want to sign up for Express Checkout, or complete the Express Checkout application before you arrive.

Present the application to the Front Desk along with a credit card that you want to use for payment for services and/or products. The staff will verify your credit card information and have you sign an authorization for future charges. You can feel secure knowing that your credit card information and authorization will be stored separately from your other records in a secure file in our accounting office.

After being authorized for Express Checkout, your visit will proceed as normal.  The big change comes when you are ready to leave the Veterinary Hospital with your pet. Once your visit is complete, an Express Checkout authorized client can simply leave without having to revisit the customer service desk. In addition, if medications are prescribed for your pet, you can go directly to the pharmacy window to pick them up and then simply leave. Payment for services, medication, special diets and supplies will be charged to the credit card on file within five business days, and you will be mailed an itemized receipt.

What benefits does Express Checkout have?

Express Checkout is intended to make your interaction with the Veterinary Hospital more efficient, and to improve the quality of your visit.

In certain circumstances, you may want an estimate of the charges before they are processed to your credit card. If your pet will be staying in our Veterinary Hospital for extended services or hospitalization, a doctor or Veterinary Technician will provide you with a written estimate for the services that will be provided. A portion of these charges will be processed against your credit card immediately as a deposit, and the balance will be charged to your account when your pet is released from the Veterinary Hospital. If you are visiting us for an outpatient visit, your doctor will provide you with a verbal or written estimate of charges during your exam.

Express Checkout clients who visit Pets Unlimited for medication refills, special diet products or pet supplies will also find their visit much easier. After picking up a product, an Express Checkout client can leave the Veterinary Hospital without having to wait for an available cashier.

Also, certain medication refills and products, such as flea control products, can be mailed to an Express Checkout client. If you want to take advantage of this service, simply call the Veterinary Hospital and ask the pharmacy staff if your items can be mailed. If so, items ordered will be sent within twenty-four hours. If you have any questions about Express Checkout, please don’t hesitate to ask our staff. We pride ourselves on the quality of medical services we provide, and we’re making every effort to improve the overall interaction that you have with Pets Unlimited.

Sounds great! How do I sign up?

Click here to print and fill out our Express Checkout form. You may either mail in the form or drop it off at our Veterinary Hospital.